Professional Bio

Ann Silver, MS, RDN, CDCES, CDN is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Certified Diabetes Educator and has a Masters of Science in Clinical Nutrition from New York University.

Ann has a thriving private practice in the Hampton’s for over 25 years serving the eastern end of Long Island, the South and North Forks.  She is very grateful for the many doctors in the area for many years have referred patients to her.

Additionally, Ann is an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Diet Technician Program at Suffolk County Community College in Riverhead, New York. She contributes to her profession on a volunteer basis in a variety of ways including having served as Chairperson of the Nutrition Entrepreneurs Dietetic Practice Group of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and Reimbursement Chair for the New York State Dietetic Association.  Ann has shared her expertise with her colleagues in presentations on private practice and reimbursement including coauthoring the best selling book twice, Making Nutrition Your Business: Building a Successful Private Practice (Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics  2018).

Ann presents extensively on nutrition to a variety of audiences including community, university, business, and national stages.  Please contact Ann to speak to on her passion  - nutrition and making people feel better.

​​​​Embrace Life and Don’t Let Challenges Get You Down

(ann's philosophy)

 My first memory with food is sitting down at the kitchen table as a young child being forced to eat roast beef. Definitely, not a pleasant memory! Still today, I do not enjoy beef. (For the record, I eat mostly vegan.) This experience has helped me understand we all have emotional experiences with food that affect our choices today and in the future.
Fast forward to my college years where I uncovered I had anorexia nervosa. I sought out help with a psychotherapist and was told there was nothing wrong with me.  I knew this was flat out wrong (keep in mind this was the 70s).
I was determined and for years researched eating disorders and spent countless hours in deep reflection.  I finally recovered on my own.  It was no easy task. And today, I am not afraid of food and accept myself – both inside and out.
I use this same approach as the children’s book, The Little Engine That Could with my patients. I don’t buy into “I have tried it before” or “it can’t work for me” or “there is no chance I can accomplish that.” 
I embrace challenges and find ways to slowly and comfortably work through a patient’s roadblocks.  I immerse myself in their life to figure out how to help them to achieve the goals they want.
My patients tell me no one else has taken the time to truly get to know them and what is stopping them from moving forward.  I genuinely want to learn about my patients and their lifestyles to find out what influences their eating choices and style. I've been told by patients I provide "therapy" but it is related to food and eating. 
My patients go away understanding themselves at a deeper level and are prepared to deal with life as a champion. And they feel tons better, have much more energy and a new zeal for their much-improved health.
I really love putting FUN back into patients’ lives, giving them the energy and new outlook on life to feel and do things they had given up hope of enjoying again.
Schedule an appointment with me to get started moving barricades out of your life that has been stopping you from success with your health goals.

Ann's latest venture is taking the approach she uses in her individual counseling and developing it into an online course in 2021. Stay tuned for more information...


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