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For your first appointment with Ann, the following are needed: 

1. Download and complete the  New Patient Forms                                                                 

Please email the forms to prior to the appointment for Ann to read. 

2. A 3-day food journal for Ann to learn about your eating.                                                    

Record the time you ate or drank, what you ate or drank and how much you ate or drank. Include any symptoms you experience you want to share with Ann. Please email the food journal to prior to the appointment. 

3. Your most recent lab results. Ann will want to see your hemoglobin A1c if you have pre-diabetes or diabetes, your lipid profile if you have elevated cholesterol, and anything else that is of concern. This can also be emailed to

4. Your insurance card(s) the front and back.

5. Your payment, if you have a copay, have to satisfy your deductible or will be paying for the visit.

6. Obtain a written referral from your physician that specifies your diagnosis with the billing code,  called the ICD-10 code. This is a separate referral from the one your insurance may require to see a specialist. 

If you have any questions or need the fax # call the office at 631.324.1953.